Royal Institution of Great Britain

Stradfest 2019 is fast approaching, with music lovers, musicians, artists, and maskers of beautiful instruments all flooding to London on Sunday 24th March to take part in the event hosted by The Strad.

The exhibition is set to take place in Mayfair at the base of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, an organisation dedicated to scientific education and research.

There will be a superb mixture of music, art, performers, Stradivari showcases, and a live performance from Anne Akiko Meyers in the concert hall.

Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair, London

Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair, London

The Strad is a UK-based monthly classical music magazine, founded in 1889 and provides information, photographs, and reviews on a variety of instruments, as well as related feature articles, and info surrounding concerts.

All of the pieces on show at Stradfest have been featured in the magazine at some point in its 129-year history.

Not only this, but London-based artist and violinist Leonardo Frigo will also be in attendance to showcase his extraordinary transformed string instruments.

Frigo will be showing off 10 hand painted violins as well as a cello, all inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

His exhibition will be on show in the Ante Room between 9:15 and 16:30, where guests will be able to meet the artist himself, as well as see him create a new piece during the festival.

Leonardo believes that instruments should not only be listened to, or admired in their original form, but read like story books.

He helps audiences to engage with music on a new level with his striking symbols, vivid patterns, and thought-provoking embedded text.

General admission tickets cost £49 per person, and more details can be found here: